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graphic designer salary 2017 uk Individuals who wish to teach or complete research may want to check out earning a Master’s of Art MA or Master’s of Fine Arts MFA in graphic design. Graphic design utilizes a variety of electronic and print media, layout, and color theory, photography, and animation to effectively communicate a concept or message to an audience. So, coursework learned in a college program is essential to staying on top of new techniques, software, and advances in the industry. Coursework in most graphic design programs includes introduction to visual arts, foundations in 2D and 3D, digital photography, graphic design concepts, graphic design history, art orientation, collaborative process, new media, package design, and many more core courses related to this major, along with all liberal arts classes. Of course, keep in mind that the kind of job a designer has his or her eyes set on will probably determine whether or not a degree is necessary. If a designer is opting to freelance, a degree may or may not be necessary, as a body of work and strong portfolio are usually all that matters. However, if a designer is planning to enter the corporate world, a large company or in house design team, or work for many most advertising agencies, a degree will prove beneficial, and many employers in these settings will require a designer to have a degree. Unfortunately, without a degree in these situations, you may be disqualified for a job without ever getting the chance to interview. Graphic design is a competitive field to enter, so any type of experience you can show in additional to your college degree will help you stand out. Completing one or more internships is an integral part of your education. An internship gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge you have acquired thus far to real life graphic design projects.

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