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junior graphic designer job description pdf Use the Magic Wand Tool to select the different colors on your flats layer and filling Shift + F5 your colors on the new layer above it. I’m going for a purple ish overall tone with a yellow/green background, but I may decide to change it to a red, a green, or even a yellow tone down the road. Since I can go back to my flats layer and grab anything I want, everything can be changed or fixed. This is one major advantages of flatting. For now, I’m going to stick with the colors shown below. Step 6: Rendering Here’s another stage where the choices are yours. You could just leave these colors flat, or you could make a custom brush and start painting. For this piece, I will go with a basic cel shading style — blue shadow on everything. I’m doing this, because I know I’m going to be playing around with a lot of watercolor textures later, and I don’t want an overly rendered look. So with the Magic Wand Tool W, let’s grab all the areas of the Hunter and his Horse. Pick a nice blue shade color, and start coloring where you want your shadows.

The original design of the LBD showed a long sleeved, slim hipped dress, gathered low at the waist and reaching just below the knee.

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