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graphic design jobs chicago area She said she promoted fake glass jewelry during the boom period of the early 1920s, "because they were devoid of arrogance in an epoch of too easy luxe," but now she was promoting precious gems because they had "the greatest value in the smallest volume, and answered a hunger for authenticity and real value in a world where times were hard. " Some of the masterpieces created by Chanel and Iribe in 1932, include, the three rowed diamond bow necklace; the six rowed diamond comet necklace; the diamond tiara surmounted by a diamond studded star; the Bague Comete, a star motif ring; the Collier Fontaine, a 405 diamond necklace with two pendants, one of which could be converted to a brooch; and the Bracelet Franges. In 1940, France was occupied by Adolph Hitler's forces and the Nazis made Hotel Ritz, their French headquarters. It was then that Chanel was accused of having an affair with Hans Gunther Von Dincklage, a German officer and Nazi spy, who granted her permission to continue to remain in the hotel. In 1943, German intelligence attempted to make use of Chanel's professional partner Lombardi, to contact her relative Sir Winston Churchill, probably as part of a secret peace mission, but the plan never materialized as Lombardi refused to leave Rome and come to Paris, as requested by Chanel. After the liberation of France, Chanel was arrested immediately, and charged with abetting the Germans. However, either Sir Winston Churchill or the British Royal family, or both intervened on her behalf, and she was released. Escaping from official prosecution was one thing, but escaping from the wrath of the French people was an entirely different thing. The French people meted out punishment to French women, who collaborated with the Nazis during the occupation. Thus after the war, Chanel was clearly a target of the French people, and she was forced to flee to Switzerland where she took up temporary residence. After the war ended most of the couture houses that left the country returned to France, and attempted to re establish their businesses, as the war torn country was being rebuilt.

Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel, was a pioneering French fashion designer who became the undisputed queen of haute couture in the 20th century, radically changing the attitude of women around the world towards their mode of dressing, freeing them from the tight corsets of the period that restricted their movement, and introducing casual, practical clothing appropriate for the occasion, consisting of loose fitting, simple and comfortable garments, that borrowed fabrics and attitudes from men's fashion.

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