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graphic designer resume 2017 We also had four separate screens for the backs of the shirts for the different volunteers which read either, “mentors,” “coach,” “tutor,” or “director. ” We also screen printed a nice little one color Chicago Blackhawks logo onto the sleeve of the shirts, because ICE is a Blackhawks Charity. These screen printed shirts turned out great, and the volunteers at ICE look like a real team out there helping the children in Chicago. This week we designed and printed another fun bachelorette party shirt. We love making these custom shirt designs that have specific meaning for each individual group we design them for; They’re perfect for giveaways, favors, and mementos at parties or events. When one of the bridesmaids contacted us to design a custom t shirt design for this bachelorette party, we worked her to figure out details of the bride and the party they would be throwing.

Calling all graphic designers, from the U.

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